Getting the Job You Really Want DVD Series

Getting the Job You Really Want DVD Series

SKU: JD1092
$995.00 Each

This comprehensive set of DVDs takes you step-by-step throughout every phase of the job search, plus keeping it! The series teaches how to identify what you want in a job, find the job in less time, interview effectively, negotiate pay and benefits, keep that job, and move up. Throughout informative interviews, these experts reveal self-directed strategies for finding jobs, balancing work and life, tapping into little-known resources that can speed up your career transition, and more.

This series is an ideal supplement to the Getting the Job You Really Want workbook and other job search books available from JIST, but it can also reinforce training on virtually any job search topic. Included DVDs:

Ages: High School - Adult, Copyright 2011, Run Time: Approx 25 mins per DVD

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