What Types of Jobs are Available for Kids and Teens?

Baby Sitters: Baby sitters are hired to watch younger children. They are responsible for the safety and well-being of the children when the parents are out of the house. They usually play with the children, read books, maybe feed them and put the children to bed. Sitters who drive may be expected to drive children to appointments and sports practices. There are babysitting courses in many communities (check with your local Red Cross) to teach safety and emergency care.

Baggers: Baggers work at grocery stores. They will place the purchased items in bags and sometimes help customers take their bags to the car. They must be careful with how they place the merchandise in the bags to make sure the goods don't get damaged. Baggers will also do cleaning and odd jobs.

Bicycle Repairers: Bicycle repairers repair and service bicycles. A young person can offer to do simple repairs and maintenance as a way to earn money or work at bicycle shops. They must know how to identify the problem and how to fix it. Cleaning is an important part of maintaining a bike to keep it in good condition. Use your own bike to learn how to maintain and service bikes. You can get additional repair information from books and sources, such as the Park Tool website.

Camp Counselors: Camp counselors plan, lead and supervise campers, usually during summer months. They may help with crafts, hiking, earning badges in scouting programs and camping. Some camps are more academic. those camp counselors will assist with educational programs, such as in a science camp. Camp counselors must be responsible and work well with younger children.

Fast Food Workers: Fast food workers work for fast food and take-out restaurants. They take orders for food and drink, accept payment and make change. These workers may be cooks in the restaurant. Restocking napkins and drink cups, cleaning bathrooms and wiping tables are often part of the job. Providing good customer service is important for these workers.

House and Pet Sitters: When people go on vacation, they often hire neighborhood teens to look after their homes and pets. Basic chores, such as watering plants, brining in the mail and taking out the trash for pick up are common tasks. If they have pets, you may be hired to feed, clean up lawns, and take dogs for walks. This job requires someone who is trustworthy and responsible.

Referees and Umpires: Referees and umpires make sure the rules of a sports game are being followed. They work at sporting events like baseball, softball, basketball and soccer, to name a few. The players of the games are usually younger than the referee or umpire. These workers usually have formal training for a few hours to make sure they understand the sport. Sometimes it is hard to referee a game because parents may get emotional.

Yard Workers: Yard workers will help maintain and clean up a yard. They may mow lawns, trim hedges and weed flower gardens. They also may plant flowers, move rocks and clear brush. Sunscreen, gloves and protective clothing should be worn when doing yard work. They must also be careful with any hand tools or power tools used during their work.

Some of the above material has been reprinted from the Occupations Outlook: An exploration Book for Teens.

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