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Multimedia Occupational GOE Assessment Series-5 Career Exploration Programs for Gr. 7-Adult
Multimedia Occupational GOE Assessment Series-5 Career Exploration Programs for Gr. 7-Adult Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $449.00
Order these programs individually or with five assessments on one hybrid CD.

The five programs within this system work together to give the user one of the most complete career profiles available on the market today. Developed by a team of career and technology professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field of career education, this assessment program can be targeted for any junior high/middle school, high school, community college or adult education audience. Click on individual programs to order individually. Includes reproducible worksheets, interpretations, and data base of over 12,000 jobs tied to the 12 GOE clusters. Copyright 2004.

Titles included are:
  • Multimedia Aptitude Skills Inventory
    Aptitudes are abilities we are born with. Skills are proficiencies we acquire though our life experiences. This inventory encompasses both as it explores over 12,000 career titles, introduces the GOE's 12 major career pathways and helps students answer the well-focused questions designed to refine the user's awareness of his/her major aptitude/skills set. Based on answers to the aptitude/skills inventory, the user is provided with a career pathways ranking. Users can then explore each of the career pathways and major career titles found in each cluster. This is an excellent resource for any professional trying to help students zero in on what they are good at.
  • Multimedia Career Clusters Inventory
    Motivate your students with one of the most powerful career clustering systems in education today. The GOE comes alive as students pinpoint their interests and how they relate to each of the twelve career clusters found in the GOE: Scientific, Protective, Business Detail, Selling, Influencing, Humanitarian, Mechanical, Industrial, Artistic, Physical Performing, Accommodating, and Plants and Animals. Cluster rankings, cluster movies, and inventory scores, over 12,000 job titles and descriptions plus reproducible worksheets make this inventory must for any serious career explorer.
  • Multimedia School to Work Inventory
    This program is a great way to show the connection between school and work. Using a series of inventory questions, the software matches the user's school interests and disinterests with the 12 major GOE career pathways and over 12,000 jobs. Colorful graphics and movies aid in the multimedia presentation of each career pathway. Reproducible worksheets accompany this program to further enhance the school to work discovery process.
  • Multimedia Work Activities Inventory
    Practical assessment results and helpful printouts make this new career exploration and activities identification CD-ROM a must for career centers, employment offices and schools. The questions used to identify the preferred career clusters are questions seldom asked and often overlooked. The results, a career path ranking, encourage the user to better target his/her career exploration process. Over 12,000 job titles and descriptions are available for exploring and printing. Reproducible worksheets accompany this CD-ROM to further expand the self assessment process.
  • Multimedia Work Clusters Inventory
    Do you work best alone or in a group? Do you like working outside or inside? Do you like constant supervision or need total independence? These and many other issues are covered in helping the user identify the career clusters that are best suited to his/her work culture style. Finding the right "work culture match" is the goal of this highly interactive and career relevant program.

Each assessment contains a 12,000+ job database and reproducible worksheets.
Computer Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000, and most XP versions; Mac System 7 or later. IBM/Mac Hybrid CD-ROM Individual inventories - $149.00 each

Pricing for lab packs and networks: 10 computers = 3.5 x single price; 20 computers = 4 x single price; 30 computers = 5 x single price.

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